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*this blog post is sponsored by Thomas Sabo; everything written in this post is my personal opinion

Hey Friends! Today I want to show you one of my favorite jewelry brands, which is THOMAS SABO, especially the Charm Club collection. When I first heard of Thomas Sabo, I was in the 5th grade. A girl I always admired for her gorgeous looks started to wear this super cute silver bracelet, with many charms hanging on it. The one charm was a palm tree, and I never saw a palm tree this tiny and elegant at the same time. I can’t remember the other charms, but I was not the only girl, stunned by this cute piece of jewelry, hanging loosely on around her wrist. It didn’t take a long time, until I saw the other girls from my class getting their own personal bracelet. Soon I became the only person which had not enough money to buy a beautiful piece to myself, but my birthday came around and I finally got my own personal bracelet, which I sometimes still wear until nowadays.

I guess, as a creative person like myself, I still think until today that I should have invented the idea of creating your own personal piece of jewelry. I’m still amazed by the idea of the whole concept behind the Charm Club.

It’s not just some bracelet, you can buy in any high-end stores. It’s a personalized piece of joy. By the time I got my first Thomas Sabo bracelet, until now, I’ve got 5 of these, not only because every piece tells a different story, but also because it adds a classy touch to your whole outfit.


Bracelets are not the only thing Thomas Sabo have in store. You can tell your own personal story in many different ways. Necklaces, chockers and more in all forms, sizes and colors. The same goes for the charms, which you can choose out of over 500 beautiful and unique pieces. The charms are very detailed, which makes it even better to just stare at them and find joy in every single detail they’ve put in their pieces.

A Thomas Sabo bracelet is not only something you should treat yourself with, it’s also a beautiful gift idea for your loved ones. Were you travelling with your best friend lately, and you just want to keep this memory alive? What about a fine silver bracelet with a globe charm? There are so many options to choose from! To show you, I’ve selected a few favorites to show you here!

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There are so many options for any occasions and for every story. From beautiful ornaments to numbers and letters you’ll find anything! Starting at 29.00 CHF you can get the finest silver bracelet, and you can add your favorite charms which you’ll find some beautiful and very affordable ones! A perfect gift! (I gave one for my mom for her birthday, so I know what I’m talking about).

Now I’d like to show you my personal favorites in my possession! I’d like to start off with my all time favorite charm, which is the rainbow, topped off with a beautiful golden sun and a blue crystal teardrop.


It’s my favorite one because it reflects my personality in so many ways. My name is Iris, and the name comes from the greek mythology. Iris was the messenger of the gods, and her name and symbol was the rainbow. I’m half Brazilian, and ‘arco-íris’ means ‘rainbow’ in Portuguese. This rainbow should also represent my quirky personality, my love for nature and my positive mindset.


I hope you liked this post and I also think you now get why I’m obsessed by The Charm Club by Thomas Sabo. Also a big thank you to Thomas Sabo for letting me a be a part of this collaboration, I nearly screamed while I heard about your offer, because I really love your beautiful pieces …. since 5th grade 😉

If you’d like to see more of Thomas Sabo’s Charm Club, visit this link here:

If you like the Charms I’m wearing, I’m gonna link them here aswell of course 🙂

Bracelet (Blue Gem):
Rainbow Charm:–regenbogen-/1278.html?dwvar_1278_config-color=776-7#q=regenbogen&start=1
New York, Big Apple Charm 1:–big-apple-ny-/1374.html?dwvar_1374_config-color=051-14#q=new+york&start=3
New York, Big Apple Charm 2:–ny-/1376.html?dwvar_1376_config-color=041-10#q=new+york&start=6
Dinosaur Charm:–dinosaurier-/1474-001-12.html
Cactus Charm:–gruener-kaktus-mit-bluete-/1437.html?dwvar_1437_config-color=007-33#q=kaktus&start=1
Star Charm:–shine-like-a-star-/DC0031.html?dwvar_DC0031_config-color=725-14#q=stern&start=24
Converse Shoe Charm:–schwarzer-sneaker-/0356.html?dwvar_0356_config-color=007-11#q=schuh&start=6


All love, and until next time!



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